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Brennan Gewurztraminer 2008

Gewürtztraminer 2007Tasting Notes

Ripe fruit from the 2008 vintage drives lifted floral notes and fresh pineapple aromas in this heady Gewürztraminer. Moderate sweetness (13 gms/ltr) balanced with crisp acidity frames a textural palate of peach and rose petal essence grounded in fine minerality.


A half hectare of Gewürztraminer occupies a small, stony corner on the steeper slopes of the Brennan Vineyard. This variety is notoriously inconsistent in yields and 2008 was no exception. After a miniscule production the previous year, 2008 provided warm, dry days over flowering resulting in good fruit set and an extraordinary crop. 4 tons of ripe, full-flavoured fruit was picked on the 26th of April.



With the unusually large amount of fruit to work with we decided to ferment the 2008 Gewurztraminer in two different lots. The larger portion was fermented to dryness with a yeast strain designed for complexity and intensity while maintaining a focus on the mineral characteristics derived from the site. The smaller lot was fermented using a highly aromatic yeast and fermentation was stopped at relatively high sugar levels. By blending the two lots we were able to combine the aromatics and minerality while retaining complexity and a balanced, moderate sweetness. 200 cases produced.