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$65.00 bottle
$780.00 case

2010 Brennan Pinot Noir 2010 Brennan Pinot Noir
Vintage: 2010


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Available in half cases of six bottles for $300
Award winning Pinot Noir at a special price to make room in our small winery for younger wines. The 2010 Brennan Pinot Noir was aged for 12 months in French oak and bottle aged for 12 months more. Six years later, the wine is decadent, ethereal and seductive. It shows beautiful aromas of dark plum, blackberry briar and wild thyme followed by a rich, textural mid-palate of black cherry and ripe raspberry.  Undertones of smoky tobacco hint at the finely integrated oak.  The wine finishes long and luscious with silky tannins and delicate characters of liquorice and dark chocolate.  
Wine awards collected for the 2010 Brennan Pinot Noir:
Awarded 4**** by Cuisine Magazine, 4.5**** by Winestate Magazine, won Gold at the International Wine Challenge, Silver at the NZ International Wine Show, and Highly commended at the Royal Easter Show.

$480.00 $570.00 case

Mature & Youthful Pinot Noir Mixed Dozen Mature & Youthful Pinot Noir Mixed Dozen


Bottled Analysis

6 x 2010 Brennan Pinot Noir
6 x 2014 B2 Pinot Noir 
The Mature & Youthful mixed dozen shows two different wines from the single Brennan vineyard. Side by side they're worlds apart as the 2010 Brennan Pinot shows elegance and softness compared to the upfront and forward 2014 B2 Pinot. From old to new, they are both drinking incredibly well.

$560.00 $620.00 case

Through The Years - Pinot Noir Mixed Dozen Through The Years - Pinot Noir Mixed Dozen


Bottled Analysis

4x 2010 Brennan Pinot Noir
4x 2011 Brennan Pinot Noir
4 x 2014 B2 Pinot Noir

The 2010 Brennan Pinot is seductive and ethereal; the 2011 Brennan Pinot is poised and graceful; and the 2014 B2 Pinot is engaging and seamless. These are single vineyard wines meaning they reflect their surroundings and show soft, ripe fruit flavours with structure. 

Every now and then, we roll out special offers on cases of wine as and when we run out of space in the winery!