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Our Winery

resources/fermenting-wine.jpgOn-Site Winery

At harvest, the grapes are picked into small crates and delivered directly to the onsite winery where they are processed immediately. The minimal handling and transport ensure that the fruit arrives at the winery in the best possible condition. Each bunch is hand sorted as it is processed by Sean, and only the highest quality fruit is accepted.

resources/punch-down.jpgHand Made Wines

The equipment used in the winery requires a significant amount of manual input, however, this ensures that complete attention is paid to every part of the process. The red wines are fermented in stainless steel dairy vats which are insulated in order to retain the heat of the fermentation. Following post ferment maceration, the red wines are transferred to our underground cellar which offers perfect storage conditions for the oak barrels. White wines are fermented in both stainless steel and oak barrels. The white wine tanks are fitted with cooling apparatus to allow complete control over the temperature and rate of fermentation. When the grapes are pressed we use an axial bladder press, which allows for a quick, gentle extraction.