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Central OtagoCentral Otago

Located in the South Island of New Zealand, Central Otago has developed as a wine region over the past 30 years. While infantile compared to the world's other great wine regions, Central Otago has already become internationally recognised for its fine wines. Central Otago covers an area of 10,000 square kms but has fewer than 17,000 permanent residents. It is a vast area of dramatic landscapes, climatic extremes and incredible contrasts. The area has grown from 534 hectares of vineyard in 2002 to 1522 hectares in 2008, of which 1196 hectares are Pinot Noir.

Gibbston ValleyGibbston

The Gibbston sub-region is located just outside Queenstown, the vibrant adventure tourism capital of New Zealand. Gibbston has quickly gone from a quiet region of high country sheep stations to an area renowned for its vineyards and wine. Mountains and dramatic landscapes surround Gibbston, creating a true alpine setting in what is considered the coolest sub-region of Central Otago. The soils in Gibbston are typically alluvial and glacial schist, which add a mineral complexity to wines from this region.


The climate in Gibbston is one of extremes with greater daily and seasonal temperature variances than anywhere else in the country. The continental climate here creates great differences in temperature often spanning 25 degrees daily during the growing season. These long hot days and cool nights are perfect conditions for developing the flavour and colour intensity of the fruit, while retaining natural acidity. However, spring and autumn frosts are always a concern and present the greatest challenge for growing in the region. Gibbston summers are typically very dry and warm, offering optimum conditions for plant growth and a low rate of disease.